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Webinar Unleash The Potential “People With Disabilities”

Nov 24, 2021

“Focus not on the differences of people with disabilities but the talent of the individual.” – Neil Milliken
Dear Friends,
ITB Business Leadership Executive MBA (BLEMBA 28) proudly presents
Empower D – Unleash The Potential “People With Disabilities” .

Please allow us to invite you to attending this special online event which is dedicatedly curated to empower the special ones. The special speakers will share their knowledge and experience through several inspiring subtopics.
⁃ Double benefit from employing people with disabilities
⁃ Story of job hunter “disabilities version”
⁃ Easy way to connect with people with disabilities
⁃ From disable to entrepreneur

Don’t miss out by registering yourself through this link (because your presence is matter!): bit.ly/EMPOWER-D
Latest registration: Friday 26th November 2021; 23:59 WIB
Link zoom will be provided via email after registration.
Contact Person (WA): Empower D Admin – 08998114286

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