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Webinar “The Ultimate Blueprint to Achieve Financial Freedom”

Dec 19, 2021

[Financial freedom at a young age? Is it possible? How?🤔]

Yes, it is POSSIBLE! You can get financial freedom at a young age. It will not be difficult if you know HOW. Curious to know the secret recipe? 😮

Well, if you have a huge willingness to get financial freedom as young as you can, we’re delighted to introduce our webinar with the topic “THE ULTIMATE BLUEPRINT TO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL FREEDOM” ✨

In collaboration with PermataBank. 💵

With our honorable speaker:

✨ Raymond Chin
🏢 CEO and Co-Founder of Ternak Uang

✨ Alain Tandi
🏢 Head of Wealth Management at PermataBank

Moderated by:
✨ Bosston
🏢 Founder @terasbursa.id & Stock Market Investor

Mark the dates!
🗓 Sunday, December 19th 2021
⏰ 13.00 – 15.15 WIB

By joining this webinar, you will get deeper knowledge and insight about financial freedom, personal financial management strategies, side hustles, and how to grow your money by investing. 💸

Want to satisfy your curiosity? Book your seat through the link down below!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

For more information kindly reach us at :
🔸Line: @947yruyu
🔸LinkedIn: skillupid
🔸Twitter: skillupid
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🔸Tiktok: skillupid
🔸Website: skill-up.id

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