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The Understanding of Designing Business Process Model

Jan 16, 2023
The Understanding of Designing Business Process ModelThe Understanding of Designing Business Process Model

✨Skill Booster: The Understanding of Designing Business Process Model💡

💻 Online via Zoom
📅 Saturday, 21 January 2023
⏰ 09.00 – 11.00 WIB
🏷 Rp10.000/pax
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Business process management (BPM) is the systematic method of examining your organization’s existing business processes and implementing improvements to make your workflow more effective and more efficient.

Every organization uses business processes to accomplish work. A business process is a set of business activities that represent the required steps to achieve a business objective. For example, you might have a business process that handles credit card disputes. In this case, the business objective is to resolve the dispute in an efficient and accurate way in order to minimize costs to your organization and retain customer satisfaction. The process itself includes all the steps needed to meet the objective (in this case, it might be activities like receiving the claim, examining the validity of the claim, deciding whether to remove the charge and informing the customer of the decision).

Business processes often require a combination of internal activities and activities that must be performed by humans. Therefore, we can look at business process management as the intersection between people, processes, and technology.

The business process management approach is iterative; you don’t implement it once, never to be touched again. Instead, you design, model, create, simulate, monitor, and optimize your processes on a regular basis. The feedback you receive from testing and monitoring your processes drives continuous improvements to your organization’s workflows.

The objective of this training is to provide an in-depth understanding of how to design a Business Process Model which translates from Company Vision Mission Values Objectives (VMVO) into input – process – output in order to show what kind of process & product have to be produced in the organization.


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