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OTTIMMO Internasional’s Virtual Open House

Nov 21, 2021

Come, Join Us!
OTTIMMO International’s Virtual Open House 2021.

Wanting to know more about OTTIMMO International as one of best culinary academy in Indonesia? Or you want to know more about how to be a professional chef both in culinary or pastry industry? Come, join us in OTTIMMO International’s Virtual Open House 2021.

In this virtual open house, there will be fun and interactive sessions that will give all the information you need. Beside that, there will also an online campus tour so you can picture how our campus look like, and all the facilities that we have. We guarantee that you will got all the information needed!

Save the date and book a seat by clicking this link! https://bit.ly/Virtualopenhouse27nov2021
📋 Saturday, 27 November 2021 starts from 10 AM onwards.
✔️ Live Zoom

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