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Financial and Planning for Business

Feb 13, 2024
Financial and Planning for Business

[Business Education International Business Seminar] 📊📈

Business Education Proudly Present

Seminar 1 (‼️ LIMITED QUOTA ‼️)
Financial and Planning for Business: Tips and Strategies for Designing Budgets for Business to Achieve Business / Start Up Success in the Era of Digitalization 5.0
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Seminar 2 (‼️ LIMITED QUOTA ‼️)
Exploring Your Potential for a Better Career/Business: Strategies for Increasing Your Potential and Personal Development for a Career/Business with Bright Prospects Towards Indonesia’s Golden Generation 2045
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Seminar 3 (‼️ LIMITED QUOTA ‼️)
Leadership Skills for Beginners: Secret Strategy for Improving and Optimizing Leadership Skills for Beginners as Preparation for the World of Work and Building a Career/Business Towards the Digital Economy 5.0
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💸 Benefit
✩ Learning experience
✩ Virtual networking
✰ PPT materi *
✰ Record materi *
✰ E-book bisnis *
✰ International E-Certificate *
✰ E-Certificate 2 JP *
✰ Free Business Template Planner *
✩ Doorprize menarik
✩ Gratis voucher tiket nonton & chatime bagi yang beruntung
* s&k berlaku

📩 For More Information

So, jangan sampai kelewatan ya karena kuota terbatas. Buruan daftar sekarang juga dan raih kesempatan untuk mendapatkan doorprize menarik!!!

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