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Common Issues Related Employment

May 25, 2023
Common Issues Related Employment



Greetings Legal Enthusiast!!

Following the pace of globalization, various aspects of human life has developed significantly. Such development can also be felt in the law which become the pedestal of order in the society.

The development which occurred amidst the society especially in the business conduct require an adaptive law. The increasing prevalence of business act such as merger due to the increasing interconnectivity and development of market require the law to be accommodative upon all parties involved which are the state, corporation, and also worker which can be deemed as the most vulnerable party.

The occurring merger which joint two legal entities into one caused domino effect whether in regards to the management or even the market. One of the most visible impact of the merger conduct is when the worker of the entities involved. Such merger which certainly being followed by wave of change can caused many of them to lose job and/or require them to adapt.

Find out the answer by registering into a collaboration workshop webinar between BLC FH UGM x Walalangi & Associates which will be held on:
Day, Date : Sunday, 28 May 2023
Time : 12.30 – Finished
Platform : Zoom Meeting

In this opportunity we will be inviting 2 experienced lawyers in the field of M&A to provide you an insight in regards to this issue:
a. Reiner F. Jonathan – Associate of Walalangi & Partners Lawfirm in association with Nishimura & Asahi
b. Mutiara Khairunnisa – Associate of Walalangi & Partners Lawfirm in association with Nishimura & Asahi
Don’t miss it!! Through this opportunity we will provide you not only with an insightful knowledge for you to prepare your future career but also a chance for you to interact and question further in regards to this topic by registering yourself through the link below for those of you, who already took Trade and Employment Law!!

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See you in the workshop webinar, legal enthusiast!!
Contact Person:
Muhammad Farkhan
Whatsapp : (+62) 821 3441 8256

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